Michigan Mosaic Music Festival

About the Festival

The Michigan Mosaic Music Festival is a public celebration of diversity and unity on Labor Day weekend (Saturday, August 31 – Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013) in Michigan’s capital city (Adado Riverfront Park, Lansing). Activities include Country & Americana Bands, multicultural performances, ethnic and American cuisine, beverage tent, and activities for children.

Named for the ancient art form of small multi-colored stones carefully placed to form a larger mural pattern, Michigan Mosaic Music Festival (Mosaic) bridges diverse communities in an outdoor celebration of labor and the diverse people who have built this city. The event is staged over Labor Day weekend in cooperation with Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art, the labor community, and the City of Lansing.


The Labor in Labor Day Weekend

On Labor Day, we celebrate all workers, in all phases of their careers, who make the wheels turn and keep this country great. We celebrate all workers who create, invent, provide, produce, cook up, clean up, drive straight, and buckle down. And we especially celebrate union workers, who have made such a huge difference to the implementation of  safety laws, Social Security, employer-provided health coverage, holidays, vacations, sick leave, family and medical leave, and many other worker issues, for the benefit of everyone who keeps a timesheet or collects a paycheck.

Labor Day is also a time to look at the current state of our workforce. Glenn Freeman, III, President of the Greater Lansing Labor Council, offers the following perspective:  “These are trying times for many, with a slow recovery for the economy and many workers still searching for meaningful employment to support their families and keep their homes. Unions make a tempting target for those looking for someone to blame. But only 10% to 12% of Michigan’s workforce is made up of union workers. Whatever your personal feelings on unions, they deserve your respect. Unions continue to advocate for the middle class and workers everywhere – both union and non-union alike. Let’s pause for a moment this Labor Day and pay tribute to American workers everywhere who make our country great. And let’s give thanks for unions.”

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Location & Maps

Conveniently located for everyone

Map to Adado Riverfront Park provided by Vene.

Map to Adado Riverfront Park provided by Vene.

Map to Adado Riverfront Park provided by Vene

The Michigan Mosaic Music Festival takes place at Adado Riverfront Park in Lansing, on North Grand Avenue between East Saginaw Street on the north and East Shiawassee Street on the south. Google Maps can provide directions to Mosaic.

There may be construction along your route to the festival – we suggest checking with MDOT for construction information.


Free parking is available over the weekend in the Lansing Community College ramp in the 600 block of North Grand Avenue across the street. (Before 5 pm Friday, you’ll pay $1.40/hour.)

There is also a city parking ramp on the west side of Grand Ave. (between Ionia St. & Ottawa St.) less than two blocks south of the festival that is free on weekends.

Bike to the Festival

Located along the scenic River Trail, bicycles are a great form of transportation to Mosaic. (Note that the River Trail is detoured for the Saginaw (M-43) bridge just north of Adado Riverfront Park.)

Festival attendees are urged to lock their bikes securely to bike racks only, keeping their parked bikes out of designated walkways. Don’t forget that state law requires a white headlight and red reflectors, visible to 600 feet, for after-dark bicycle riding. Festival staff strongly recommend wearing a helmet at all times and using a taillight.

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We need your help!

Michigan Mosaic Music Festival is in need of volunteers in order to continue as a fantastic, free community event. Volunteering for Mosaic is a great way to go behind the scenes, meet new people, and have fun!

If you’re interested in volunteering for the 2013 festival season, please fill out this form.

Or if you have already signed up to volunteer in 2013, you can login to the volunteer network.

Please contact us if you are unable to access the options above. We can be reached at 517-371-4600.

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